JAN 1Farm store is open from 5 am - Live and dressed fresh native chicken and duck will be available
JAN 14Celebration of Pongal / Sankranthi / harvest festival
JAN 15Mattu Pongal celebration; Open to public, Expo of various Indian native breeds of cows
JAN 20Harvest of black gram; Scholl children learn harvesting
FEB 5Tackling diseases in country chicken
JAN 14Home gardening
MAR 15Aquaponics - Introduction
APR 16Demonstration of processing of Dal through traditional Chaki / Ural- Get hands-on experience
APR 25Goat rearing- Basic training
MAY 5-10Summer course on farming (for children)
MAY 10Curing common health problems of livestock through herbal remedies
MAY 12Home gardening for Children
MAY 13Practical sessions on deweeding, plouging, raising nursery and fertilizing
MAY 14-15Training on High Carbon Intensive System for Vegetables- A system developed by MRITSNA Farm
JUN 10Production of Vermicompost
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