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January 8, 2018

Millet Beer – Bangalore to brew beer from millets

The Times of India
Bengaluru, 12 January 2018
Now, get high on millet beer, literally
After having successfully promoted millets to be used in delicacies and every day tasty food, the government of Karnataka has now decided to step it up a notch by successfully attracting interest from the city based watering holes to promote millet based beer. Giving the promotion of millets a fresh perspective and make it more appealing to the urban youth and have an increased market presence, the agriculture department has now tied-up with the craft beer association, primarily comprising of the micro breweries in Bengaluru, to promote millet beer for the urban population in the self proclaimed pub city of India. As part of this effort, the city based pubs will be hosting a Organic millet beer festival between January 12 and 21.
Earlier last week, the agriculture department and the craft beer association had a detailed discussion on the proposal and according to the association recieved an enthusiastic response from minister Krishna Byre Gowda. President of the association Narayan Manepally said the effort was to engage the pub hopping consumers with millet based beers. “As of now we have four city based pubs who have confirmed their participation in the millet beer festival week. While the time is short, we are hopeful of getting these millet based beers ready for the consumers,” he said. The breweries will have their own reciepes of beers with malted ragi, bajra and sorghum having been added to it. “Currently we have tied up with individual people at the M S Ramaiah institute who has an experience in malting of millets and also trying to contact other individuals in the state who have experience in malting,” said Manepally. However, the millet beers will at present have less millets presence.

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