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February 4, 2017
What is AHIMSA (Non-Violent) farming?
April 13, 2017

What is the concept of ‘MRITSNA’? How can inputs be reduced?

MRITSNA, meaning ‘Mother Earth’ in Sanskrit stands for “Movement for Reduced Inputs and Tools for Sustainable and Natural Farming”.

So, the objective of the Movement is to carry out farming in a ‘Natural’ way which requires few inputs and tools or equipment. Such farming is also sustainable.

The modern day farming which is dependent on natural and synthetic chemicals has lead to lot of inputs to be used in farming. Many of these chemicals are harmful to the environment and also leave residues on food making it unsafe.

Most of the fertilizers are salts which when applied in more than required quantities spoil the soil and make them less fertile in the long run. Pesticides make pests more resistant and disease control agents leave their residue in the food, making them toxic and carcinogenic.

Concept of MRITSNA is based on Eco-Balance within a farm environment and interdependence of farm animals, crops and soil. A perfect balance of cattle, hen and other possible birds and animals keep the soil nutrient rich and health with plentiful beneficial micro-organism so that no fertilization is needed. The weeds and grass become the feed for the birds and animals and their waste fertilise the soil.

Such healthy soil producing vegetables, cereals and pulses with perfect crop rotation in place, also does not require heavy machinery for tilling and other activities.

Working out the correct number of animals and birds considering various factors such as area of arable land, crops to be cultivated, possible farm labour, market conditions, climate conditions of the location, cost of manure and other inputs- makes this concept very viable with better productivity at lowest cost.

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