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April 13, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Soil Management in Organic Farming

Soil management is the single most important factor in Organic Farming. The terms ‘Organic’ is directly related to the content of organic matter in soil and ‘Organisms’ that give life to Soil. Higher the organic content, higher would be the population and inventory of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

It is this ‘Life’ or microorganism content and the ability of soil to support other farm organisms such as worms, bees, beetles, butterflies, insects that decides the success in organic farming.

The salts which are inorganic in nature readily spoil the biological environment and make it inhospitable for beneficial organisms. This leads to change in physical and chemical nature of soil which are important for soil fertility.

The organic content, generally applied in the form of ‘Farm Yard Manure’ (FYM) helps to convert the soil fertile by altering physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. It helps bacteria mineralize nutrients, helps fix nitrogen and phosphorus from air, feeds earthworms to keep soil aerated and does all the magic that is necessary for successful cultivation.

Keeping soil rich in organic content is expensive when you don’t have animals and birds in the farm. Due to decreasing number of cattle across the country availability of FYM is reduced and hence it has become expensive. Substituting Nitrogen requirement through ‘Green Manuring’ from plant sources has also become ‘near to impossible’ as green cover has already reduced.

Thus organizing for waste from animal / bird sources, and keeping the farm ready to supply green manure when required would be of paramount importance in keeping soil healthy. This necessitates the need for ‘Integrated Farm’.

To know more on soil management to keep it fertile and healthy for sustainable, bountiful yield attend a course on ‘Soil Management for Organic Farming’ at Mritsna Farm School. Write to us at learn@thefarmschool.in for details.

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