Wastewater for Farming
April 13, 2017
SBI to Boost Lending to Farmers Under JLG Model, Joins Hands with Nabard
January 5, 2018

Farming in Industrial Environment

Most of the Industries in India have huge tracts of land as developed as ‘Green Belt’. This is mandatory as per Environment Protection Acts and hence Industries indulge in developing them in the periphery or inside the industrial site. Most of these ‘green belts’ are aimed at just growing trees and offer no benefit to society other than green cover. Such resources in my opinion should not be wasted and may be effectively used to increase bio-diversity that will benefit whole society.

Variety of plants and trees, combined with suitable fauna can be very rewarding in terms of benefit to environment. They may also offer fodder, compost, medicinal plants and may even provide fruits and vegetables to feed orphanages. The treated sewage may be used for irrigating these fields.

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