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February 4, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Want to become a farmer?

To become a farmer, you are not supposed to be one already.

This note assumes so!

People from all walks of life at least once in their lifetime want to take up farming. Some are quite serious and some at least wish to do it in a non-commercial scale. Some take up home gardening and some venture into it half-heartedly, compromising with the career. Some adventurous guys leave everything behind and jump into it passionately to take it up of full scale.

Whatever be the reason, it’s necessary to learn farming before jumping. One should understand that it’s a serious profession, with difficulties, requiring lot of hard work and attention. This is very much like other career and ONLY efforts cannot bring results.Like any other manufacturing process, there are Standard Operating Procedures and KNOWLEDGE is absolutely necessary to go close to SUCCESS.Farming is more difficult than other professions due to few uncontrollable factors. In farming, you can NEVER predict the yield and results exactly.
The following are the uncontrollable factors:
  1. Climate- Obviously, this is not in our hand, Whatever be the good water source you have, failure of monsoon, untimely rain, unexpected wind, change in humidity, peak and low temperatures are the factors that directly affect any crop.
  2. Market price- Sometimes even bumper harvest can be a failure when the price drops. You have no control on the prices. So a technically successful yield can be economically unviable.
  3. Labour- Getting labour when you need them is a big challenge.
  4. Logistics – Transporting to sell the produce can eat away the profits.
  5. Seed and other input availability – You may not get the inputs of expected quality and price. There’s absolutely no farmer friendly regulation for this!

So, it’s a big Challenge and can be very adventurous; we can’t call it GAMBLING, but it can be a very thrilling job. At MRITSNA farm school we prepare potential farmers to all these challenges. We train prospective farmers on irrigation, crop selection, agronomy practices, livestock maintenance, manure making, and every skill that’s necessary to start on your own. Choose a package that’s suitable to you. Write to us at learn@thefarmschool.in for more details.

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